Frequently Asked Questions


1 Do I need to register to use the Go4database site ?

You can use our Go4database website to run through the site without setting up an account, but you should register to get a quote and to make a purchase.

2 What to do if we face any login issues ?

If you face any issue while logging into Go4database site then once check the account details which you gave. You can also contact the support team for help

3 How can I update the account information ?

To update your Go4database account information, please contact the Go4database representative or you can also contact using the number avaialable in the site homepage.

4 What information does Go4database contain ?

Go4database contains the information of targeted customers in the form of lists such as phone lists, email lists, business lists, consumer lists, website lists etc.

5 I forgot my password. How to reset the password ?

To reset the password request the support team for a password reset link and then you can login with the new password.

6 Does it contain lists related to any place or it contains global information?

Go4database contains lists of various places of all the continents. It consists of categories of these places according to each continent separately.

7 Is the data in Go4database updated accordingly with the new records?

Go4database always strives to works towards the best and the database is updated every now and then. We can find new customers, identify new opportunities and build targeted marketing lists using the most-up-to-date records of the database.

8 How accurate is your data?

Go4database provides you with most accurate and reliable data with almost about 80 - 90 percent accuracy.

9 What if the data is not accurate as that said by the Go4database team ?

If the accuracy of the data provided is less than 80 percent then our team will provide you with replacement policy where your data will be replaced within 24 hours of your request.

10 How can I remove my record from the database ?

All the information is compiled from the public sources. If you want to remove your business information from our database, please send a removal request on company letterhead to the company address or you can even contact the help team for suggestions.

11 Is the data provided by Go4database real ?

We can get 100% verified leads of various categories from Go4database and it also provides customize & error-free database information as per our requirements.

12 Where did you get the data from ?

Go4database is being created by multiple sources like Tele survey, website busniess directory, registered service partners, google display contacts, job survey, onilne portals, affiliate networks and lead generation company.

13 Are your mailing lists authentic ?

Yes, we offer authentic datasets to our customers and we ensure that our lists are up-to-date and error-free.

14 What are the formats in which the datasets will be delivered ?

We deliver data in easily downloadable formats such as .csv and .xls. Files in these formats can easily be opened in Microsoft Excel, WordPad, Notepad and OpenOffice.

15 what type of support facilities do you provide ?

You can contact us any time and we will be at your service. We help you to deal with all type of issues by answering your queries through phone calls, live chat and Email support.

16 How is Go4database better than other competitors ?

Many of the big name competitors charge a lot more than we do. These other companies have huge marketing budgets that drive up the costs. Since we have an easy access to the web portal and specialize in selling in bulk, it allows us to keep our overhead costs low and provide you with amazing value without compromising on the quality.

17 What applications does Go4database use to contact with the customers?

Go4database uses applications like Whatsapp, Instagram, Email, Linkedin, Facebook etc to share contents and to increase the awareness of its brand.

18 What are the categories of leads that are provided by the database?

Go4database provides you with the following categories of leads: Forex Traders Leads

  • Cryptocurrency Leads
  • Pharmacy Leads
  • B2B & B2C Leads
  • Insurance Leads
  • Corporate Leads

19 Is Go4database safe to visit and use ? has an Alexa global rank of 4,061,047. Go4database has an estimated worth of US$ 16,702, based on the estimated Ads revenue. receives approximately 762 unique visitors each day. Its web server is located in Singapore, with an IP address According to SiteAdvisor, is safe to visit.

20 Does Go4database have worldwide databases ?

Go4database have worldwide databases majorly for GULF, USA, UK, CANADA, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, ITALY, BRAZIL, NORWAY, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AFRICA etc.

21 Why should we choose Go4database for leads ?

One can choose Go4database because of following benefits: 1)Multi-level database Filtration 2) 80% accuracy commitment 3) Database is updated in every 6 months 4) 100% replacement warranty of wrong data 5) High skilled people to manage worldwide database/Leads 6) Very budgeted price

22 Can we make sure that all the information present in the lists is active and up-to-date ?

To get quality assurance of leads Go4database checks the email leads every now and then so as to remove the blocked email information if any stored in the database. After removing blocked emails, the email verifier is set ready to run to verify whether all remaining emails are active or not and by doing this process Go4database ensures that it has only the quality leads present in it.

23 Are there any categories for target audience in Go4database ?

Categories of target audience according to Go4database: 1)General 2)Specific 3)Premium

24 Whom should I contact to clarify my doubts about the site ?

You can contact the support team or you can even see the FAQ section to see whether any of them can solve your doubts.

25 How often is the database updated ?

The Leads Portal database lists are updated 4 times per year, and our targeted and classic data is updated semi-annually with major updates.

26 Can I resell the data ?

No we do not offer resale rights, nor can you give it away. However, you can use the list for your company or business as long as you are compliant with government regulations.

27 How to find data about a particular place in the database ?

Go4database contains data in a categorized way. You can click on the continent to which the place belongs and there you can find the data .

28 Is the data provided by Go4database more expensive ?

No you can get most advanced and reliable data with an effective cost and Go4database is being improved everyday based on the customers interest.

29 Are your email addresses permission based ?

Our data is highly confidential and we collect data from reliable sources,which take legal permission for sharing data to third–party marketers.

30 Does Go4database provide security for all the data ?

Yes we provide security for the data in the database and also security is provided to all your information which you enter into the site.

1 Can you provide all types of data?

No, data used for lead generation is our specialty.

2 How soon will I get my leads?

Depending on which type of lead you purchase, you may receive your leads within 30 minutes after ordering. Your consultant will give you guidance and ETA for the arrival of your leads.

3 Do you need to login to purchase the leads ?

Yes you should login into the site to purchase any kind of leads and also to get any kind of lists.

4 What are the categories of lists that are available for selecting the leads?

The various lists which are available are - Email lists, Phone lists, Website lists, Consumer lists and Business lists

5 What does email lists contain?

Email lists contains the email addresses and other information of the customers and by this we can talk directly to the inbox of customer email id. These email lists contain email ids and other relevant information and so these are also known as email leads or email database.

6 How email lists help us to generate leads ?

Email lists contain the email ids and other relevant information of the customers. These lists can be used to meet the target leads and to communicate with them.

7 Does database contain email lists of only some particular places?

Go4database provides you with the email lists related to all the continents. When we visit the homepage of Go4database site, we can see the continents and if we click on them we can get the email lists and phone lists of different places of that particular continent.

8 Can we buy email lists from Go4database ?

Yes, when you click on the list which you want you can see that buy option is present beside the cost of the list.

9 What are the categories of email leads that are provided by Go4database ?

The categories of email leads that are provided by Go4database globally are listed below: 1)Forex Traders Leads 2)Cryptocurrency Leads 3)Pharmacy Leads 4)B2B & B2C Leads 5)Insurance Leads 6)Corporate Leads

10 what are the main categories in which the database is being created ?

Database is being created in more than lacs categories in which the mainly used are listed below: 1) Income 2) Age 3) Profession 4)Nature of work 5)Business type 6)Product buyer 7)Designation 8)Industry 9)Location 10)Specific domain and 11)Service user.

11 Can we receive the requested information about leads in time ?

Yes, Go4database provides you with the most accurate data with effective cost in the requested time itself.

12 What can we do if we are facing any issue while selecting the leads for purchase?

You can refresh the site and use it again to get best results or you can even contact the support team if you still face any issues.

13 Can I know about the geography of data collection in database ?

Database is mainly created based on the first requirement then after it is being converted into multiple sub categories. We have more than 200 countries and 50+ island’s database in our records. Location based databases should have address, city, state, zip code, country, Longitude and latitude etc.

14 What are phone lists ?

Phone lists contain the contact numbers of the target customers and along with other relevant information. These lists can be used to generate leads using sms and bulk sms also.

15 Are the lists saled globally ?

Go4databse contains 100% error free data about the targeted leads and this information of leads is even shared to various companies which are in need of the leads

16 What about the quality of leads provided by the database ?

To get quality assurance of leads Go4database checks the leads every now and then so as to remove the blocked email information if any stored in the database. After removing blocked lead's information, the verifier is set ready to run to verify whether all remaining all are active or not and by doing this process Go4database ensures that it has only the quality leads present in it.

17 What are the types of target audience which Go4database has for lead generation ?

Categories of target audience according to Go4database: 1)General 2)Specific and 3)Premium

18 Which is better, either to select leads via phone lists or email lists ?

Go4database provides you with both email lists and phone lists and both of them are efficient to use for selecting leads but one thing is that with phone lists you can even send sms directly to the target customers without having an internet connection also.

19 What are the main uses of phone lists ?

Use of Go4database phone lists are for: Cold calling Bulk SMS marketing Whatsapp marketing Bulk voice SMS Lead generation (IVR leads) Data mining Research or analysis Database storage Website listing creation

20 Why should one choose Go4database for generating leads?

Go4database provides global sales of its database information to other companies and helps them to improve their business growth. Any company which is searching for leads can prefer Go4database as a best service platform because it contains the lists in a well categorized structure and also the data provided is error free, cost efficient and up-to-date.

21 Can I contact the team before proceeding further for selecting and purchasing the lists ?

Yes, you can feel free to contact the team any time you want and our support team is always available to solve your queries. You can even you the chat option which is provided at the bottom of home page and ask what do you actually want.

22 How can we select which list is suitable for improving our business ?

You can open and check the lists which are available with respect to each continent and also some information about the business behaviour of every place is written. You can read that information and the select the right choice for you.

23 Can you provide more information about the categories of lists which are available ?

To know more about the categories of lists which we provide you can go through this link

24 What can I do if the information of lists provided to me is not up-to-date or if any error occurs to it ?

Go4database always tries to work for its best and provides you with 100% error free and up-to-date data. If in case you face any problem with the data you can request for a replacement also so that we can provide you with another in place of it.

25 Is there an option to see a sample lists before purchasing the list ?

Yes, you can see an option for sample download beside the name of the list and you can get it from here.

26 What are the categories which purchase the major portion of leads ?

Most of leads are purchased by the B2B and income categories.

27 What are the mostly targeted countries for generating leads ?

USA and Europe countries are the most targeted countries because business oppurtunities are more in these countries.

28 How will my leads be delivered?

Most lead orders will be delivered via an email link that directs you to our secure server. Any credit platform data will be delivered via our secure server and will be password protected to insure privacy of database deliveries.

29 Does the information about leads benefit others companies too ?

Yes, other companies can also get benefitted by purchasing the lists of Go4daatabase.They can generate more revenue and maximize ROI for marketing campaigns and also can reduce marketing budget with Go4database Contact Lists and Email Marketing Services

1 How quickly will I receive the order ?

Most list orders are delivered within minutes to the email address provided.

2 How do I place an order?

You can order directly through your appointed marketing consultant. Once the price, count and other details have been determined, an invoice will be sent to you by email. You can pay for your order electronically from the invoice and your leads will be delivered the same day your payment is received depending on compliance requirements and the type of data ordered.

3 What to do if I need to cancel my order ?

If you need to cancel your order, please contact your representative or contact the help team. There will be a 50% cancellation charge for all the orders.

4 Where can I view the cost of list which I want to order ?

When you open the lists, you can view the cost of the required list before the buy option.

5 What are the categories of lists which I can order ?

You can order different types of email lists or phone lists which you wish .

6 Why should I order from your company?

We provide you with the best quality service and also provide you with accurate, reliable and up-to-date records of our database.

7 Is there anything like this that you give more preference to your repeated customers?

There is nothing like that and we focus on each individual client as if you are our largest client. The size of your order does not effect the level of service and quality you will receive.

8 Is there anything like this that you give more preference to your repeated customers?

There is nothing like that and we focus on each individual client as if you are our largest client. The size of your order does not effect the level of service and quality you will receive.

9 In what way will my order be delivered ?

All lists will be delivered electronically to you via the email address which you have provided.

10 What if I am not satisfied with the order after I purchase it?

We always provide customers with the best quality records but if you are still not satisfied you can request for replacement of the data and you can also contact the support team to find a solution.

11 What is the time frame for the order delivery ?

You will receive a link to the Email in few minutes after your order and using that link you can download the data.

12 I had placed an order but did not receive any link. What should I do now ?

You will receive a download link to your Email as soon as you place the order from?our?website. You can check your spam or junk folder if you don’t receive the link within a few minutes. If you still don’t find the link, you can immediately contact us and we assure you that our data provider will respond to you as soon as possible.??

13 Can we replace the order if we are not comfortable with it ?

Yes Go4database provides you with replacement policy. If you feel that the data is not accurate then you can request for a replacement and then our team will verify the request and send you the accurate data.

14 Can I trust the data provided by the database ?

Yes, Go4database gives assurance to its clients to generate best leads from the database which it provides.

15 Can I trust the data provided by the database ?

Yes, Go4database gives assurance to its clients to generate best leads from the database which it provides.

16 We need to conduct a telemarketing campaign and so we are in need of up-to-date telemarketing lists. What can we do now ?

For conducting a successful telemarketing campaign you need a good telemarketing list for your sales team. Our lead lists are affordable and are always up to date and hence you can order and try Go4database lists and we aasure you that you will surely like the data.

17 Will my business be benefitted with the lists which I order from Go4database ?

Yes, the data provided by us will allow you to target companies in specific industries, markets, geographic areas or even certain technology stacks. The team at Go4database will help you to expand your business and generate some good sales figures.

18 I can even find few other database companies which provide lists at low rate. Then why should we prefer Go4database for ordering the lists ?

Yes, there are many database providing companies which provides lists at a very low rate just to attract the customers but their lists are old and not updated . Due to this the customers feel unsatisfied and their requirements will not get fulfilled. But here you get everything with having maximum ROI on your money. Go4database provides you genuine lists for sale and at a very affordable cost.

19 I had tried to place an order but at the same time it showed be blank screen and my process did not finish. What should I do?

May be it was due to poor network connection.Please try to check your connection and refresh the page again. If you face the same problem again try to contact the team and our team is always available to solve your issues.

20 I have received my order and now can I resell the data ?

No you are not provided with the rights to resell the data but you can use the data for you business growth whenever and wherever you want.

21 Do I need to download any specific application to access or to open the lists which I ordered ?

No, the lists provided by Go4database are in a simple excel sheet format. You can access them by the Microsoft Excel app which almost every one use in their business.

22 Do we need to be a verified user to order the lists ?

Yes, you need to be verified user to order and access the lists. We collect data from reliable sources,?which take?legal permission for sharing data to third–party marketers.

23 Do I get any discounts if I buy more than one list ?

Yes, you may get a discount for bulk orders.

24 Why should I prefer Go4database to buy lists ?

You can prefer Go4database because it provides multi-level filtered data, 80 percent of accuracy and error-free data.

25 Are the lists updated frequently? Can I get the advanced lists for my order?

Yes the lists are updated frequently and also the verifier is set ready to verify all the data and to store only the active data.

26 What more can we expect from Go4database in future ?

The main aim is to make the database more secure and robust and also to quickly respond to all the customer requests and to provide them with more quality achieved data.

27 How much does Go4database earn on an average on its sales ? has an Alexa global rank of 4,061,047. Go4database has an estimated worth of US$ 16,702, based on the estimated Ads revenue. receives approximately 762 unique visitors each day.

28 What are the major places for which it has the databases?

Go4database have worldwide databases majorly for GULF, USA, UK, CANADA, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, ITALY, BRAZIL, NORWAY, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AFRICA etc.

29 Which type of server does Go4database support for all its orders and payments?

Go4database contains Email server and SMTP server majorly and these servers are responsible for the order requests and payment processes also.

30 Before ordering the list, Can I know from which sources do you collect the data from ?

Go4database is being created by sources like Tele survey, website business directory, registered service partners, google display contacts, job survey, online portals, affiliate networks and lead generation company. We always try to collect the quality data from the best ever resources.

31 Is there any warranty for the lists which I purchase ?

We can only provide you the replacement warranty that means you can request for replacement of the data if you feel that some of the data is wrong or if it is not up-to-date.

1 What payment options do you accept ?

We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and also the cheques. Please make cheques payable to and also mail us.

2 Do you have any refund policies ?

We do not have any refund or return policies but replacement is provided for the data.We always provide accurate,verified and validated data and if you face any problems with regard to the data, you can contact our team any time and solve your problem.

3 Are there any long term contracts or long term agreements?

No. Each order is completely independent of other future orders which you place with us. We want you to be satisfied from invoice to invoice and not do business with us because you are tied up in an agreement or contract.

4 I made the payment for my order but I still did not receive any mail. What should I do ?

Due to mailing issues of the e-mail provider or the mail server, you might not receive a delivery e-mail from us. In such case, we recommend you to contact us for assistance.

5 If any issues occur is there any time limit for requesting about them ?

Requests for non-delivery or any such issues must be submitted to our department within 7 days of the purchase date. If we do not receive from you within that time period, then the product will be considered received and downloaded.

6 I am facing a problem in downloading the purchased order. Can you provide any refund to this ?

If you facing any problems while downloading the purchased order, please contact our Technical Support department within 7 days of the purchased date. If you do not contact us during this period,we consider it as a successful download with no further right of refund for a “download issue” reason.

7 How to know the Payment Methods on ?

To see the various payment methods that are available to you when you purchase a list, please follow the steps below: 1)After you find the list order you are interested in, click on Buy option present beside the amount option. 2)You will then be directed to the Checkout page, which will show the various payment methods that are available to you.

8 Does Go4database accept different Currencies?

As a global marketplace, Go4database currently offers businesses the ability to buy orders in many different currencies. The team members regardless of their location, have the option of setting a new order price in any of the currencies we support.

9 How are you calculating exchange rates?

Go4database uses a country-specific price tier matrix to determine a user's localized price. The matrix will be updated periodically based on the current market conditions.

10 Do I have to pay taxes when I purchase a course?

Customers who reside in regions that collect transaction taxes like VAT, GST, or other types of sales taxes, may be required to pay a tax when they make a purchase on the Go4database platform. Taxes are calculated based on a variety of factors such as account and billing information.

11 What about the Refund status?

After you have submitted a refund request you can check the status of your refund in your purchase history. You will also be sent an email confirming that your refund request has been processed.

12 Where can I access a copy of my receipt, invoice or credit note?

The receipt will be emailed when you purchase an order and you can also access copies of your receipts in your Purchase History. To match the high demand we received for invoices that include transaction taxes, we have added an invoice option to the Purchase History.

13 How much time would you take to rectify the error as per my request ?

Even though all of our lists are thoroughly inspected before delivery, unexpected errors may occur in some cases. Such issues must be submitted to our Customer Support Team. We reserve the right to rectify the error or defect within 72 hours of you request time.

14 What if you cannot rectify the error within the time bound ?

If a defect or deficiency is identified and acknowledged and we are unable to correct it within 72 hours from the date of the request provided by the Customer, a refund will be issued to the customer in the full amount paid for the order.

15 I received my order but it is not exactly as that you described before. What is the reason for such changes ?

Such issues should be reported to our Customer Support Department within 7 days from the date of the purchase. Also, clear evidence must be provided proving that the purchased product is not as it is described before on the Invoice.

16 How can I preview how much transaction tax will be charged?

During the payment process, all the applicable taxes will be included in your order total before you are charged. The tax amount that you are charged with will be indicated in your receipt and the tax rate will be reflected in the transaction’s invoice.

17 Can Go4database remit the transaction taxes which I paid?

Due to legal protocols we must show the amount of tax that is charged for your transaction. As ours is a business to consumer website, we are not able to remove references to taxes from our receipts or invoices.

18 It has been more than 30 days since I requested my refund but I have not received it yet. What do I do now?

If it has been more than 30 days since you requested a refund, and you still have not received it, then please contact our support team and solve the issue as soon as possible.

19 What are the most common reasons for Failed Card Payments?

Incorrectly information,Incorrect CVC code,Incorrect postal code,Outdated saved payment method,Using a debit card not authorized for international purchases,Issuing country for the card is different from country of residence,Attempting payments while using a VPN,too many payment attempts made in the last 24 hours and Browser isn’t working correctly.

20 Is the failed payment related to the bank in anyway ?

Yes, most common reasons why banks decline payments include insufficient funds, card purchase limitations, and card security policies.It is important to let your bank know that you would like to make a payment at Go4database site.

21 What is in my receipt or invoice?

Your receipt will include the order that you purchased, the price that you paid for the order, and also the total price that you paid along with all the applicable taxes that were used for the purchase.

22 Can I complete the payment in multiple installments ?

No. The order price must be paid in full at once during the payment.

23 Will I have full lifetime access to the data which I received from my order?

Yes, once you have received and downloaded your data you can use it anytime and anywhere you wish that means it has a life time access.

24 While the payment process it is showing that I am not a valid user. What should I do ?

If it is showing that you are not a valid user then once check if the email address which you gave during login is correct or not. You must be a verified user to purchase any order from us .

25 What is the default currency which is actually shown in the database ?

The default currency which is displayed in the database is USD ($).

26 Does Go4database charge any conversion or third party fees?

Go4database does not charge any currency conversion fees when you purchase an order. If you purchase an order in a currency that is different from your payment method’s currency, your provider or third-party payment processor may apply currency conversion rate or fees. Please contact your payment provider or the bank for information on what fees may apply.

27 What about Refunds for order purchased through a third party?

Since the payment for the order was processed by the third-party vendor, we do not have the transaction on file and cannot initiate a refund for you. Instead you can contact the third-party vendor directly to request a refund.

28 Why I am unable to find the email notification for my order?

Make sure to check your spam or junk folder in your email account to see if the email notification for the order is there. If you are still unable to find it, please contact our support team with the applicable details which you submitted.

29 What is a credit note?

A credit note is a refund document which indicates what was paid back from the initial purchase.

1 Is your site secure ?

Yes, Go4database is secure to use and all your details will be safely stored and will not be shared to anyone.

2 What is your privacy policy ?

To know our privacy policy click on this link

3 Is it required to accept the cookies ?

Yes you need to accept the cookies if required, while using Go4database platform.

4 In which cases and on which the privacy policy is applied ?

Privacy policy applies to information which we may collect through the following sources: Directly from you. Indirectly from you when you use our platform. Information received about you from other sources, such as third parties from whom we obtain data. Through email, text or other electronic messages between you and our Site.

5 Does your site work on mobile also ?

Yes you can even use the Go4database services in your mobile.

6 Is my data shared to any third parties ?

No, your data will be safe with us and we will not share it to anyone like third parties .

7 What are your terms and conditions ?

To know more about our terms and conditions click on this link

8 Is it safe to give my details and why are these details used ?

All your details will be safe and your details help us to give you better service.?We would be able to give you more information on the services that are more relevant to your business and interest.

9 Can we believe in the privacy policy ?

Go4database is known for its strict privacy policy. Safeguarding your data is of highest priority to us. We do not share your data with anyone without your permission.

10 How can we know if your privacy policy change at anytime ?

We regularly update the site page to inform you about the changes in our privacy policies if any occur.

11 Is there any policy that restricts users based on age ?

Yes we allow only verified users and users are mostly related to business field.

12 What is the meaning of No Assignment by you policy ?

You may not assign your rights or obligations under these Terms to the other person or entity without the prior written consent of Go4database, whether by operation of law or otherwise, and any try and do so shall be void.

13 Will you provide security for my credit details which I gave during payment ?

Yes we provide security to your credit details using encryption standars and other security poilicies.

14 Why are the terms and conditions required ?

Terms and conditions must be agreed by the user because we need to provide you information only if you agree to all the conditions.

15 Will my credit details be used by third party vendors ?

No, all your credit information will be safe with us without sharing to others third parties.

16 Why are cookies used ?

Cookies help us in finding out the interested customers in an easy mode .

17 What are included in Go4database privacy policy ?

The following are included in our privacy policy: Disclaimer of Warranties, Limitation of Liability, Indemnification, Equitable Relief, etc.

18 What is meant by indemnification ?

You comply with indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Go4database, its stockholders, directors, officers, employees, independent contractors, and agents against any claim, demand, loss, liability, damage, injury cost, or expense (including attorneys’ fees and legal costs) which arises, directly or indirectly, out of your violation of those Terms or your use of the merchandise Suite.

19 What is meant by Equitable Relief policy rule ?

Your violation of those Terms may cause irreparable harm to Go4database. we've the proper to hunt injunctive relief or other equitable relief if you violate these Terms.

20 Describe the privacy policy named Additional Remedy of Termination

In addition to any or all other legal rights and remedies available to Go4database for any apparent, threatened, or actual breach or violation of those Terms by you, Go4database has the proper to terminate your account and demand immediate return or destruction of any data accessed from the merchandise Suite at any time if Go4database believes you're not complying fully with these Terms.

21 Are there any long term contracts or long term agreements?

No. Each order is completely independent of other future orders which you place with us. We want you to be satisfied from invoice to invoice and not do business with us because you are tied up in an agreement or contract.

22 Explain the term Governing Law and Jurisdiction in privacy policy

All matters referring to these Terms and also the Services shall be governed by the laws of State of Nebraska, without regard for the principles of conflicts of law of that State. You consent and pass through the exclusive jurisdiction and federal courts located in Nebraska. You conform to withstand the exclusive jurisdiction and waive any objections to the venue of any such proceeding in those courts.

23 Will I face any issue in the future if I save the credit details at the first time itself ?

No, all your stored data wll be saved and will remain safe with us .

24 Is Go4database felt secure by the previous users ?

Yes most of the users give postive feedback on using the site and its on its security policies.

25 Tell something about the Entire Agreement.

These contain the whole understanding between you and Go4database and supersede any prior understandings or agreements. These may only be amended by a document signed by you and Go4database. If there's a conflict between these Terms and any agreement where you were assigned an account, the agreement where you were assigned an account will control the extent of the conflict.

26 What if I do not accept the agreements of Go4database ?

You cannot proceed further if you do not agree the terms and conditions of Go4database.

27 Is the order secured during the transferring process ?

Yes, you will receive the data in a secure way and it is not interrupted by any other third parties.

28 Is my data secured from the unauthorized access of others parties ?

yes , your data is only used by you and no other parties have the authority to use it .

29 Is privacy provided to my personal details ?

All your details along with personal details will be safe and are only used to know more about your interest.

30 How can one believe the privacy and security of Go4database ?

Go4database uses privacy policy which secures all your details using some encryption standards and also we will not share any data with the third party vendors.


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